The process of commissioning a piece of our furniture is a rewarding journey for both client and craftsman.  Wholly client-centered, and as each design is itself an original, our process is organic and evolves differently with each client and commission.


From initial stages we will work with you in a close collaboration, ensuring that your influence on function and aesthetic is inherent in your finished piece. Where possible, we will visit a client’s home or the location for the commission. Or alternatively, pictures and measurements are exchanged. In this way we can get a feel for the practical and aesthetical requirements as well as each client’s personal taste and style.

However vague or detailed your idea is at this point we will work together to define a detailed brief for your commission. Alternatively clients may visit our workshop and showroom to discuss design ideas, view samples, finishes and see examples of existing work. At this point material selection will be discussed in detail – from native and imported hardwoods, exotic and decorative wood veneers, luxurious fabrics and leathers, stones and marbles – we source raw materials of the highest standard and quality from around the world.


Our practice is at the very highest standard of craftsmanship. Made entirely in Ireland, we create unique pieces harmonising traditional cabinet making techniques with modern processes.


Our team will deliver and fully install your finished commission, and will also advise on how best to clean and care for your pieces. For clients outside of Ireland we work with a specialised art-courier who will transport your commissioned furniture with the care and attention it deserves.


You will own an original Dunleavy Bespoke, signed by its maker, dated and inset with an elegantly branded silver emblem. It is hoped that the commissioned furniture will be enjoyed by both our client and their future generations.